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Premium Wood Large Apple - 2-1/2" Diameter x 2-1/2" Tall

Measures 2-1/2'' tall x 2-1/2'' wide, with flat bottom. Want a stem? See our wooden stems or rawhide stems ...  Made in Maine, USA.
1" (25MM) Red Beads - 19/64" Hole Diameter

Hole measures 19/64" (just under 5/16" hole).  Made in Maine, USA.
2" Birch Wood Gallery Rail Spindle

Model: #1068
Price: $0.2000
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Dimensions: 2" Long x 3/4" Diameter x 3/8" Tenon. (length includes tenons).  Made in Maine, USA.
Wooden Bucket

Model: #172A
Price: $1.4900
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Dimensions: 2-3/16" Wide x 1-7/8" Tall. Made in Maine, USA.
3/4" Wood Square - .2" Thick

Model: #SQUARE3/4
Price: $0.1000
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This unfinished wood square is popular for craft or game projects. Cut from Maple or Birch. Made in Maine, USA.
Wood Drumstick - 8" Long x 13/32" Thick

Made in Maine, USA. 
Second Quality - 16" Long x 9/16" Wood Drumstick

This is a Second Quality item, may have minor flaws such as minor roughness, chips, etc. This drumstick is especially good quality, most are almost first quality. Made in Maine, USA.
1-1/4" x 7/16" Flat Wood Toy Wheel w/ 1/4" Hole

Model: #61ASLAB-TYPE2
Price: $0.1000
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1-1/4" Wide x 7/16" Thick with a 1/4" Hole. Has straight edges compared to our other 1-1/4" flat wood toy wheel.  Made in Maine, USA. 
1-3/4"x 5/8" Wood Toy Faced Wheel

Dimensions: 1-3/4" Diameter x 5/8" Thick With a 3/8" Hole.  We recommend our model # 56 or # 1004 or # 1004A wood axle pegs for this wheel.   Made in Maine, USA. 
Wood Cylinder with Hole (could be a giant bead...)

Dimensions: 1-1/2" Long x 1-1/2" wide with a 5/8" hole. A great choice for bird toys. Or for a giant bead project. Or whatever it is you have in mind. Made in Maine, USA.