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1-3/4" Wood Ball Knob with a 3/8" Hole -

The diameter of flat area is 7/8". Diameter of hole drilled in flat area is 3/8". To install this ball knob, we recommend our #44, #44A or #44B wood glue pins, depending on the depth of the wood piece you are attaching it to.
1" x 1/4" Slab Wheel with 1/4" Hole

Model: #60SLAB-TYPE2
Price: $0.0800
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1" Diameter x 1/4" Thick with a slighty oversized 1/4" Hole. Made for a spin fit if using a 1/4" Dowel, or our #57 Axle Peg. Has straight edges. Made in Maine, USA. 
Short Wood Dowel Rod -3/8" Diameter x 16" Long

3/8" x 16" Long Dowels.  If you need a shorter dowel, these over-run dowels are first quality at a reduced price.
2-5/16" Birch Wood Gallery Rail Spindle

Dimensions: 2-5/16" Long x 3/4" Diameter x 3/8" Tenon. (length includes tenons) Milled in Maine, USA.
Wood Hubcap for 3/16" Dowel

Model: #1037A
Price: $0.0600
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Dimensions: 67/128" Diameter (just over 1/2") x 1/4" Thick x 3/16" Hole Size. This wood axle dowel works great with this hubcap. Made in Maine, USA.
Mahogany Miller Dowel - 1-5/8" Long x 1/4" Thick (thickest part)

Milled from mahogany wood. 1-5/8" Long x 1/4" Thick (thickest part). Thinnest part is 5/32" thick. Used as an alternative to dowel pins for joinery work. 
1" Wood Bung

Model: #BUNG
Price: $0.1000
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This is called a wood bung but it could pass as a flat furniture plug if you have a 1" or slightly smaller hole. Exact Dimensions: 3/4" Wide Bottom x 1" Wide Top x 1-1/4" Tall. Made in Maine, USA. 
Wood Cup - Some call it a goblet. Up to you what it is!

Dimensions: 1-1/8" Tall x 3/4" Wide (widest part). The bottom measures at just under 7/16". The width of the hole in top is 9/16". We call this a goblet but you can call it a cup, the correct name actually depends on the size scale of this vs your doll or doll house.