PLEASE NOTE:  Because of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, we will not be open for “browsing” in our warehouse.  Until further notice, all orders must be shipped by UPS, FEDEX, US Mail, or Common Carrier of your choice for pallet shipments.

We hope that doing some crafts can help people pass the time in as enjoyable manner as possible under the circumstances. If we all work together, we will get through this unprecedented emergency, and be stronger than ever. 

Thank you for choosing Casey's.

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Easter is Coming Up...

We have a new idea for Easter craft projects: Put wood heart or star cutouts on top of bunny or egg cutouts. This gives them a more "3D" look vs painting such hearts or stars. 



Egg Cutouts (best for heart or star cutouts)

Heart Cutouts (for decorations on bunny or egg cutouts)

Realistic Eggs for Egg Rolls

Star Cutouts (for decorations on bunny or egg cutouts)


Have fun!

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