2-1/2"x 3/16" Metal Spoked Toy Wheel HUB molded on both sides

  • Model: #MW21/2


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Note: This metal toy wheel has protruded hubs on both sides of the wheel. If you check the picture carefully, you will see that the wheel is sitting on the bottom hub, BUT It is not a fully molded wheel. You can glue both halves if you want the fully molded look. Dimensions: 2-1/2" Diameter x 3/16" Thick x 1/16" Hole Size.  Holes can be drilled out slightly larger to fit your preferred screws
or dowels. To take the shine off the wheel for a time worn look, soak the wheels overnight in vinegar or paint thinner and scrub with an old toothbrush.  Spray flat or enamel paints work well on this wheel. Before painting, soak wheels in vinegar or use metal primer.  Rust or black metal primer looks great alone.  Made in the USA.